The Justin Tanoue Company was founded in 2004 by Justin Tanoue in the small town of Kaneohe, Hawaii. In the beginning, the company would find vacant lots of residential land in California and sell them to new owners. Around 2007, the company shifted from selling vacant lots to collecting residential units which they make available on the rental market in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Historial Timeline:
- First property is purchased, vacant land in California City, California.

2004- Justin Tanoue Company is founded in Hawaii.

2007- First residential property is added to portfolio in Henderson, Nevada.

2012- First property purchased in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2015- Third property purchased in Nevada.

2016- First property purchased in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

2017- Fifth and sixth property purchased in Nevada. Entered vacation rental business.

2018 - Justin Tanoue Company, LLC was officially founded in Nevada.

2019- Seventh property purchased in Nevada. Officially sold and ended vacant land sales.

2020- Eighth property purchased in Nevada, exited vacation rental business due to pandemic.